Hiking Jämtlandstriangeln, day 1

Hiking Jämtlandstriangeln, day 1

Jämtlandstriangeln is in the north of Sweden in the province called Jämtland, right next to Norway. It is a very popular place to hike for both beginners and more advanced hikers. It starts and ends at Storulvån and has stops at Sylarna and Blåhammaren. Of course you can walk in any direction you want.

Our trip started on a Wednesday night when we took the night train. The train ended up being 3,5 hours late though so we didn’t get the best start on our trip.

Day 1 on Jämtlandstriangeln, Storulvån to Sylarna

The train was supposed to be at our stop in the morning around 8.40 am, but because of the delay we were not there until 11.00 am. We got off at Enafors station, and there was a bus waiting for all the passengers to drive us to Storulvån fjällstation. It was very well organised and easy once we got off the train. From there it was around 20 minutes drive to the mountain station. Storulvån fjällstation is a big mountain station with a restaurant, many rooms to stay in, a sauna and is in a good location to start your hike.

We were a bit worried because of the delayed train on how long we would be able to walk the first day, we didn’t really know how the terrain would be, how the backpack would feel and so on. But finally at 12.30 pm we started our hike! My friend carried 19 kg and I had 15 kg in my backpack + 2 kg that was my camera.

The first part of the trail from Storulvån to Sylarna is up hill for about 2 km on some rocks and surrounded by trees. After 2 km you start to get a view, and you get to see some smaller mountains. If you look behind you, you will see the Storulvån mountain station lying in the valley. As the hike went by we were pretty happy to finally be in the mountains and to meet again.

hiking sweden hiking jämtlandstriangeln

The weather was perfect for a hike, around 15 degrees, some higher clouds and no wind. Quite early on the hike we saw our first reindeer. We were both really excited and tried to get a good picture, but it was too far away. But we would see many more in the following days.

vandra jämtlandstriangeln

After about an hour of hiking it was time for lunch. We sat down and ate our dried food with a view of Sylarna. Sylarna is the mountain just next to the mountain station which was our goal for the day.

After lunch the hike continued over wooden planks, rocks and streams. You don’t need to carry a lot of water, you can just fill up your water bottle in one of the many streams.

vandra sverige

The hike to Sylarna is 16 km. And after 8 km there is a small cabin for emergencies and with a dry toilet. This was one of our stops for a break and just when we left it started to rain a little.

As we got closer to Sylarna we finally saw the cabins and its beautiful surroundings! The hike so far had been pretty easy, with wooden planks and easy trails. We stopped every once in a while to have a snack and enjoy the view.

When we had 3 km left we were in for a hike only uphill and with a lot of rocks. And just as we started to ascend the rain began to pour! At this time we both got a bit worried, we were suppose to spend our night in a tent and were not looking forward to doing so if it would rain all night. We decided that we were going to ask for a room at the mountain house and could only cross our fingers that there would be one available!

Sylarna mountain station

It was a very long 3 km hike, and it was so nice when we finally reached the station. We asked in the reception if they had a room, and we were so relieved when they had a place for us and we wouldn’t have to sleep outside. Here we could dry our stuff, eat our dinner we had brought and take a shower. It was really nice! It turns out Sylarna is a pretty big mountain station, I guess because of its location, being close to other trails as well, and there were many spots left. The station doesn’t have a restaurant like the other ones on Jämtlandstriangeln, but it has a small shop and a kitchen where you can cook your food. They offer both private rooms and dorms. We stayed in a dorm in a cabin behind the main house.

I have so many photos from the hike it was hard to choose which ones to show you. I had to make three posts out of it… Don’t miss part 2 and 3 of our hike of Jämtlandstriangeln.


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