The High Coast – Nordingrå

The High Coast – Nordingrå

The High Coast is a pretty big area and I didn’t have time to visit all it has to offer in my short time there. In this post I will show some photos on some of the places I visited on my roadtrip in the area. The first three are all in the area called Nordingrå while the last one is in the southern parts.


One of the nature preserves in Nordingrå is Rotsidan. It’s a 4 km long coast strip with flat bedrock. Over the years the rocks have been polished by the sea to these flat and beautiful cliffs. This is a popular tourist spot both for swimmers and sunbathers. It is very easy to get to with only a short walk from the parking lot.


There are many small fishing villages like Bönhamn in this area. Bönhamn is one of around 50 fishing villages built in the 17th century by fishermen from Gävle. They were built to provide housing during the fishing season for the fishermen who traveled far from home. These villages are of special national interest with their typical cottages and houses. Very picturesque.


Norrfällsviken is a more than 350 years old fishing village. This is another picturesque village that is very popular. It has a big camping spot, fish museum, a old wooden chapel and also a nature preserve.


Valkallen is one of all the mountains you can hike to get a nice view. This one is not in Nordingrå but in the southern parts of the High coast close to The High Coast bridge and the tourist information. This is a short detour from the High Coast trail. On top of the mountain there’s a small cabin where you can stay overnight and rest. I would have loved to spend the night here sitting outside watching the sunset.

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  • Valkallen ser ut som ett mysigt landskap. Fick lite filmkänsla. Fast det får man av många av dina foton

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