The High Coast – Hiking Skuleberget

The High Coast – Hiking Skuleberget

One of the most popular sights in The High Coast is Skuleberget. Skuleberget is one of all the mountains on The High Coast and lies just next to the E4. The top is 295 meters above sea level and the east side that faces the road is almost completely vertical.

To get to Skuleberget follow the signs to either Friluftsbyn or Naturum Skuleberget. You can park your car on either of these places for free.

To get to the top you can then either hike up the mountain or take the lift. Besides that you can actually climb to the top using the Via Ferratta.

The lift costs 120 kr for a return ticket and the lift station is close to Friluftsbyn. From Friluftsbyn you can take the hike that goes on the south side of the mountain which isn’t that steep. You can take that way from the information center Naturum as well as the shortest but steepest way to the top.

I chose to park my car outside Naturum and get a map over the mountain. I then hiked the Cave trail that goes on the steep side of the mountain where you have to climb big rocks.

After about 400 meters you reach a small cave where you can catch your breath and look at the view. The legend says that this cave was used by robbers in the 1600s.

After another 200 meters vertical climbing you finally reach the top. And the view is breathtaking!

On the top there’s a cabin where you can buy some food and/or drinks and look at the view. I tasted the crispy waffles which were really good.

After the waffles I took the short 900 m trail around the top for a view over the other sides.

It was really hard to stop staring at the view so I sat there and enjoyed it for a while more before it was time to go down again.

On the way down I took the 2,5 km hike on the south side of the mountain that isn’t that steep. It’s a nice walk and you have a beautiful view almost all the way down.

I really recommend visiting Skuleberget if you’re in the area. If you’re just passing by it’s a great rest stop to have lunch and stretch your legs. No matter if you get to the top hiking or taking the lift it will certainly be worth it with that view.

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