The High Coast of Sweden – A world heritage

The High Coast of Sweden – A world heritage

Check out my post from the popular Skuleskogen national park on the High Coast.

Already last summer after my super hot, but great, vacation in Italy I decided that the summer of 2018 would be dedicated to my home country. Sweden is a beautiful country but I haven’t really seen that much of it. Last September I hiked Jämtlandstriangeln which made me long for the nature even more. So the planning began and I decided that I would go on a one week road trip to the north and visit Höga Kusten, the High Coast, on my first week of summer vacation.

I live in Linköping (green marker) which is in the southern parts of Sweden. The roadtrip started on a Monday morning and I spent the first night outside Gävle (blue marker) by a small lake. I slept in my car which was really cosy actually. It isn’t that far to the High Coast (red marker) and I would have gotten all the way in one day but I spent the day with a friend in Stockholm instead.

The High Coast – A World Heritage Site

The next day I continued to the High Coast and got there around lunch time. I drove to the High Coast tourist information in the southern part where I walked around for a bit and looked at the stunning view over the bridge.

The High Coast Bridge

At this rest stop there’s a hotel with a restaurant, tourist information and small shops. This is also where the first stretch of the High Coast trail starts.

Höga Kusten bronI had done a lot of research before the trip but hadn’t decided where to stay or where to hike. So before moving on I sat down and watched the view for a while. I also had a look at all the maps I had gotten from the tourist information.Planning in The High Coast

The High Coast is a World Heritage Site since the year 2000. Its special landscape with the land uplift makes it a scenic and beautiful area. Ever since the last ice age 9600 years ago the land has risen 285 meters. That’s the biggest land uplift in the world. And it’s still lifting with 8 mm a year.

The High Coast trail goes through the world heritage and is 128 km long and divided into 13 stretches. The stretches vary between 4 and 15 km and the difficulty from easy to challenging. Some parts are on a flat road which makes it easy and some are in a hilly and rocky terrain. In the middle of the High Coast trail lies Skuleskogen which probably is the most beautiful and visited place here.

Accomodation – STF Kustladan

What was special this day was that I was pressed on time, I had to find a place that showed the World Cup Round of 16 between Sweden and Switzerland! So, I continued driving and found the hostel STF Kustladan. Happy to hear that they would show the game a couple of hours later. I stayed here at STF Kustladan for two nights.

Last summer I won an Instagram contest from STF (Swedish Tourist Association) that gave me 1000 kr (~100 Euro) to spend in STF stations. So these two nights and a breakfast buffet I paid with half of that gift certificate, awesome!

I was staying in a two bed room with my own sleeping bag and pillow. Since I was alone I had a lot of space for all my stuff and slept pretty good. You also have access to a building with toilets and showers and one with a kitchen. On the area there’s also a pool that you can visit for a small fee.

In Sweden we have Allemansrätten, the Right of Public Access, which means you can camp almost where ever you want. You can’t camp in private gardens and everywhere in the national parks, but it still leaves a pretty big area to camp in. In addition to camping out in the nature there are several campsites on the High Coast with cabins and sites for tents and caravans.

In the evening I had dinner in the restaurant and watched the game. Sweden won! It was awesome!

Hiking up Fäberget

After the game I took out all of my maps and looked for a place for a small evening excursion. And apparently just across from the place I was staying was a look out point. So I headed out. First the trail was marked really well, but there were some construction or something going on so at one point I was really lost and couldn’t find the trail. The trail itself was pretty easy to walk on even though it of course was a bit of elevation.

The road was only about 2 km and when you reach the top you’ll see a small wind shelter and have a beautiful view.

Fäberget View from Fäberget

The Swedish summer evenings are very bright and I like that a lot. So I just sat here for a while and enjoyed the view and the evening. It was really nice that the vacation had started and to be out in the nature again.

Check out my post from beautiful Skuleskogen national park on the High Coast and also Skuleberget.

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    • Tack! :) Ja stanna till om du har möjligheten, jättefint. Om du har en dag över vandra lite i Skuleskogen annars ta dig upp för Skuleberget. :) Verkligen att rekommendera.

  • Nice pictures and story! Looks just like northern Ontario in Canada!
    I would like to travel to Sweden, do most people speak English?

    • Thank you! Yes, you will have no problem travelling in Sweden, most people speak English very well actually.
      Canada looks awesome too, I really want to visit some of the national parks there.

  • This is a beautifully documented road trip of the “High Coast of Sweden”. This looks like a place I would enjoy traveling to and camping, and is similar to the Great Lakes area in the USA and in particular the area around Lake Superior and Northern Michigan where I live. Thank-you for your pictures and narrative.

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