The best views and photography spots in Prague

The best views and photography spots in Prague

My first real solo trip was in early October 2016. After years of debating whether or not I should do a trip on my own I finally did it. And the destination for this trip would be Prague. It turned out to be a very good decision. I spent my days in Prague walking around seeing many of the popular sights and taking photos.

I arrived in the early afternoon and took the bus to the city centre. Since I was traveling very light (with only a backpack) I wasn’t rushing to the hotel but rather enjoyed the town and did some sightseeing as soon as I arrived. I walked around the old town amongst many other tourists and also visited the viewpoint in the Old Town Hall tower.

My mission when I was here was to spend time with my camera. I enjoyed walking around taking photos every here and there and just to do what I wanted.

On the map below I have pinned the places I visited and took photos from on my weekend in Prague.

1. Old town and old town square

The old town in Prague is beautiful with many colorful houses and other old buildings. The Astronomical clock is a very popular sight and is located on the southern wall of Staroměstská radnice which is the town hall. On the square you’ll also find The Jan Hus Memorial which is a big monument. The church is another beautiful building that can be found on the old square.

One day I got up early in the morning to shoot some photos of the Charles Bridge. When I was done there I visited the old town too to get some photos with less people. I think it’s really nice to get up early in the morning and walk around just before the rest of the city wakes up.

2. View from the town hall tower

As I mentioned earlier my first stop in Prague was the Astronomical clock located on the Old Town Square. The clock itself is very famous, but for me it was the look out spot that attracted. I bought a ticket just nearby the clock and then walked in to the Old town hall and took its many stairs until I reached the top. From there I had a 360 degree view over Prague!

The old square and a church with a very long name, Kostel Panny Marie Pred Tynem.

A bird’s point of view is always interesting.

You have a great view over all of town and can see the Lobkowicz castle on the hill.

The views from here were really nice! It was a bit tight though, it’s only a small balcony that stretches around the tower.

3. View from the Old Town Bridge Tower

Another popular place to visit for a nice view over town is the Old Town Bridge Tower that is located just by Charles Bridge. From here you can look down on all the people passing by to see the most popular tourist attraction (Charles Bridge) in town. It’s crazy popular actually.

4. Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge is very old and like I mentioned super popular among tourists. I don’t get that at all, it’s just an old bridge… But I wanted to go up early and take photos of it anyways, and guess to my surprise how many other photographers had the same idea…

During the day it’s best to avoid this bridge, it can be absolutely packed!

5. View from Mánes Bridge

The Charles Bridge may be overrated to visit, but it is pretty to watch from far away. And you can get a view of it from many other places. Like the bridge just north of it…

6. View from Legion Bridge and east promenade

Of course the bridge south of Charles Bridge offers good views as well. From the promenade on the east side of the river it’s very beautiful to stroll around too. More than the bridge you also see the Lobkowicz Palace.

7. View from Střelecký Island

Close to the southern bridge there’s a small island. I thought you had a very good view from here. There was noone else here when I was here so I would say this is a very nice spot to go to have a picnic or just wind down and get away from the busy center. You also get a view over the National Theater.

8. View from Letna Park

In the northern parts of central Prague there’s a park called Letna. From here you have a nice view of many of the bridges that goes over the river Moldau. Here are also some cafés with a view to visit if you want to. The park itself was a little rundown when I was here and not so very nice to stroll around in.

9. The Little side

The river of Vltava runs straight through the city of Prague. The old town with the Astronomical clock is on the east side of the river. The area west of the river is called The Little side. This area is almost like the old town with old beautiful buildings. You reach it just by crossing the Charles Bridge.

10. The prospect of Hradčany Square

Walking through the Little side you’ll reach Hradčany square. It’s just by Lobkowicz castle and has a very nice view of the town.

11. Strahov Garden Viewpoint

And then continuing a little more to the west the crowds get a little smaller and you’ll get to a park. I sat myself down on a bench here and read a book and enjoyed the view over the whole town. I thought it was a really nice spot to just sit down and relax. There’s a restaurant and a church here as well.

I thought Prague was a very good solo destination. It was easy to get around and the people were friendly. The town is very small so it’s quite easy to walk around and see all the sights. When I was in Prague I realized it wasn’t that bad to travel solo and I have continued to do a lot of solo trips after this.

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