Kitzsteinhorn, Kaprun – Austria

Kitzsteinhorn, Kaprun – Austria

Just a memory from the world, my day trip to Kitzsteinhorn from Zell am See

One very popular tourist attraction in the Zell am See – Kaprun area is the mountain of Kitzsteinhorn. The area is a famous ski resort and is well visited by tourists in the winter. I know around nothing about winter sports, but I understand it has very good conditions for skiing all year round. When I visited Kitzsteinhorn in September I kinda wished I could ski though. The surroundings are absolutely amazing and I can just imagine the feeling swooshing down these mountains.

Kitzsteinhorn and the surrounding area is popular all year round though. It is possible to ski on the glacier here and also hike during the summer months. It’s the highest peak in the state called Salzburger land and the only one above 3000 m. It is just on the edge of the biggest national park in Austria called Hohe Tauern.

I was staying in Zell am See and took the bus from there all the way to the lift station in Kaprun. The buses are quite popular as many visiting this area are adventurers wanting to explore. To get from here to the top of Kitzsteinhorn you have to take three different lifts.

I don’t remember exactly which lifts I took, but there weren’t that many options since all of them aren’t open in the summer. Since I haven’t skied before I’m not very familiar with these kind of lifts, so some of them were a bit scary. I realized at one point that I should have put down the roof on it…

And then finally you are there, 3029 m above sea level, surrounded by mountains. It was (of course) really cold up here, but the view was magnificent. Gipfelwelt 3000 is the name of the tourist center that you visit on this altitude and offers this view.

More than just a viewpoint here’s also a restaurant where you can eat or have a warm chocolate. There’s also a tunnel straight through the mountain that you can walk to get to another viewing platform called National Park Gallery. The tunnel was surprisingly long and cold actually. But inside there’s an exhibition with information about the national park and crystals.

The tunnel is 360 meters and at the end there’s another platform with a view towards Grossglockner, the highest mountain in Austria. Honestly, I think the view from this platform was even better than the first one. Here you are much closer to the mountains and it makes you feel so small.

Mountains truly are magnificent! My plan was to hike down to the valley from a lower altitude, but since it was so much clouds it wasn’t the right thing to do that day unfortunately. But I really enjoyed the visit here anyway. Mountains have a way of taking your breath away.

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  • Vilka vyer! Längesen man var i något bergsområde, känner att jag längtar till nästa gång.

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