Views over Florence

Views over Florence

Who else loves great views? When I’m in a new city I always try to get inside towers or hills to get a view over the city. In Florence there are many places to visit to get beautiful views over the city and surroundings.

Fort Belvedere

According to Wikipedia, Belvedere is the second and largest fortress that was built in Florence and was finished in 1595. It is located on a hill and is overlooking almost the entire city. Before it was there to protect the city, but now both the building and the garden houses different kind of arts work. There’s also a café where you can sit down and have an ice cream or coffee overlooking the city. It’s only a 3 euro entrance fee.

Boboli Garden

This is a pretty big park on the south side of the river. To enter the garden you have to buy a ticket for 10 euro and then enter through the Pitti Palace. There are other museums to see there as well but I chose to visit only the garden. The garden is on a hill and there are some fountains and old sculptures. From here of course you get a view, but you’re not as high up as Fort Belvedere so not really as good, but it’s a nice park to stroll around in.

Piazza Michelangelo

Everyone’s favorite, Piazza Michelangelo. Many tourists visit this place both during day and night to get a beautiful view over the cathedral and Duomo, Ponte Vecchio and the surrounding mountains. And I get why there are a lot of people, it’s a beautiful view. On the square are some small shops where you can buy souvenirs. You can either hang around here or visit the café at the terrace below.

And how beautiful aren’t those cumulus clouds? 🙂

The Tower of Palazzo Vecchio

This was the first place I visited to get a view over Florence, maybe that’s why it’s my favorite? I really liked the view from this tower even though you had limited amount of time at the very top of the tower, there was a line so everyone could get a selfie.


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