The High Coast – Skuleskogen national park

The High Coast – Skuleskogen national park

Right now (summer of 2018) there are 30 national parks in Sweden with Skuleskogen in The High Coast being one of them. The national parks in Sweden are created to save and preserve the special nature of the Swedish landscape. They are always open and free to visit. In many of the parks there are great and easy trails to explore the park and parking lots just outside the entrance. The national parks vary a lot in size and availability, so I recommend checking the information about each park before visiting. More information on

Skuleskogen have three entrances, North, West and South. You can spend a couple of days hiking here or just take a day hike to the most popular sights in the park. In the park it’s only allowed to camp at specified places.

For my visit I chose to park my car just outside the south entrance and start my hike from there. First the trail is very easy to walk on and quite quick. But the further you go the more challenging it gets.

The High Coast trail goes straight through the park, but there are great detours from it. After walking for a while you get to a crossroad where you can choose to continue on it towards Slåttdalsskrevan or follow the detour trail to Slåttdalsberget. And as I am almost obsessed with beautiful views I of course chose the detour, and I recommend you do that to. The landscape changes and you will quite quick have a very nice view.

View from Slåttdalsberget

After climbing some rocks you reach the top and get to see the view that is absolutely stunning. I was really happy to be there on the top looking out over the sea and islands. The weather was just perfect with the sun shining and calm winds. I can’t believe how beautiful Sweden is. The photos doesn’t make the view or feeling justice at all though.

On the top I took the opportunity to stay and eat my lunch.

Amazing Slåttdalsskrevan

The way down from the mountain to Slåttdalsskrevan was a bit challenging with a lot of rocks to climb, but it wasn’t that long so it was allright. Slåttdalsskrevan is a crevice that splits the mountain in two parts. It’s 200 m long and 30 m deep.

Just before you go down the crevice I recommend going out to the look out point. Again you’ll have a nice view over Tärnättholmarna.

After the crevice I continued north towards the small lake Tärnättvattnet. This is a really peaceful area with an overnight cabin where you can spend the night if you want to.

These three spots pretty close to each other are the most popular sights in the park. When I was done with them I once again reached a crossroad. I decided to hike down to Tärnättholmarna. Once again you have a beautiful view before heading down to the shore. I just can’t get enough of this view!

At first the trail down was really hard to go down and I had to be really careful with my big camera in front of me. I didn’t want to risk hitting any stones. But after the hard part is was a very easy walkable trail down to the islands.


Tärnättholmarna is another good spot for a break. It is a really calm and beautiful place. This is one of the places where you can camp in the park. A great spot for camping just by the water I think.

The trail back to the south entrance from here goes along the coast for about 6 km. The trail have some rootes and stones but otherwise it’s quite easy to walk on with no hills. Now and then there’s a short trail down to the beach.

Camping in Kälsviken

After a full day of hiking it was time to set up camp for the night. I had planned on sleeping in Kälsviken which is close to the entrance. So I went to my car and got my tent and other stuff and walked back into the park for about 15 minuter. Kälsviken is one of the places in the park where you are allowed to camp.

It was a really beautiful evening in Kälsviken. I cooked some food and took a dip in the water. The water is really shallow though so I had to walk quite far out.

I had a really good day in Skuleskogen and liked that I could fit so much in during just one day. It was really nice to spend the night there as well.

Sorry for all the photos, hope you liked them. Please comment if you managed to read the whole post. :)

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  • I really like your pictures – to me, this doesn’t look like Sweden. Or at least not the Sweden I’ve seen. I’m glad you showed me something else. Cannot wait to go back and explore! :)

  • Haha, lyckades ta mig genom hela ;)

    Vilka ställen alltså! Och de där spegelbilderna, älskar de!

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