Hiking Getryggen

Hiking Getryggen

The day after we got back from hiking Jämtlandstriangeln we were going home. The bus didn’t leave until 3 pm though so we had some time for a day hike. So after breakfast, we asked in the reception what they recommended us to do and we ended up walking up the mountain just nearby the station called Getryggen.

It was nice to only bring a daypack with a warm shirt, water and some fika. It was sunny, warm and no wind so it was a perfect day to go up there and watch the view.

It looks like a hard hike (at least I thought so) but it wasn’t that bad actually. We walked up for a while, we didn’t reach the highest peak because we didn’t have time for that, but reached one of the tops, and from there you had an amazing view over the valley and surrounding mountains.

We sat down on the mountain, had a fika and enjoyed the beautiful Swedish nature and the silence.

Before I went on this trip I had only been hiking in the Swedish mountains once before 6 years earlier, but way up north 110 km along the Kings Trail. But after this hike I really want to experience the Swedish mountains and nature much more.  I live in a beautiful country, travel the world to see beautiful places when I have this nature so close to home. Sweden is a big country and the mountains aren’t just outside my doorstep, but still! These mountains in Jämtland aren’t that big compared to up north so imagine the views in northern Sweden. I’m already thinking about going exploring Sweden next summer.

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