Road trip on northern Gotland and Fårö

Road trip on northern Gotland and Fårö

This is the second post about my one week roadtrip around Gotland in the summer of 2020. After I had spent two nights in my tent on the southern parts of Gotland I made my way to the northern parts. I spent three nights at a hostel in Bunge and used that as a hub for discovering the northern parts of Gotland and Fårö.

The first part where I write about southern Gotland you can find here.

S:t Olofsholm (1)

After I had visited Roma I drove to the northeastern parts of the island and to S:t Olofsholm. By S:t Olofsholm there’s a small nature reserve with an old wind mill and a port for small boats. I took a short walk in the nature reserve before I headed to the port. It was really hot this day so I sat down in the shadow and had lunch to cool down. After that I spent the rest of the afternoon on the beach just reading, sun bathing and taking a dip every now and then. The beach was pretty nice but there were a lot of seaweed. I don’t know if it’s always like that, but that takes down the grade a bit.

When I felt I had enough of the sun it was time to head to the place I was gonna stay in Bunge. I had some dinner in the town and then headed out on new adventures. I had read a lot about Bungenäs so I decided to give it a visit.

Bungenäs (2)

Bungenäs is a nature reserve that lies on one of the many small peninsulas on the northeastern parts of Gotland. There aren’t public roads that you can drive on so you have to leave your car on the parking lot before heading in. On many places online it says that you can borrow a bicycle and drive around on the peninsula. But when I got there there were signs saying that they stopped lending out bicycles many years ago because people didn’t return them. So that’s a shame. And I had really looking forward to ride a bike, and not to walk… But that’s what I had to do. And the evening was very nice with a magical evening light, it was a perfect Swedish summer evening. They can be so great.

On the peninsula there’s an old limestone quarry. It has been renovated and rebuilt as a restaurant called Kalkladan. It was closed when I was there but the surroundings are really beautiful and it looks really really nice.

I walked around on the peninsula for a bit and just enjoyed the summer evening. On so many places you can read about the magical light of Gotland, and this night I could really see it for myself.


The next day I had decided to visit Fårö. Fårö is a small island just northeast of Gotland. It’s not far at all between Gotland and Fårö and there are free car ferries between the islands that goes all the time during the high season. Fårö is a must visit if you’re on the northern parts of Gotland.

Gamla Hamn rauk area (3)

I got up early in the morning as usual and after breakfast I headed to Fårö. My first stop was Gamla Hamn rauk area. This rauk area is famous for one very outstanding rauk that looks like a dog. Can you see it?

Digerhuvud nature reserve and rauk area (4)

After Gamla Hamn I continued driving the beautiful road here on the north western parts of Fårö. The morning was so still and beautiful and I really enjoyed the views. This whole road was really nice and you could stop everywhere you liked. I’m not sure exactly where I stopped, but I got to see some more rauks!

Helgumannen fishing village (5)

Further north along the road you’ll reach the very small and cute old fishing village called Helgumannen. It used to be the most important fishing village on Fårö for fishing Baltic herring. It was used during the 19th century and early 20th century. The 15 old fishing huts are still standing and are pretty well preserved. There are also some boats and equipment still there too.

Langhammars rauk area (6)

The road continues to yet another rauk area! Here most of the rauks are on the beach and not in the water. I thought this area was really nice. It felt like it was in absolute nowhere with the wild ocean and the open landscape.

After a very good roadtrip on the northern parts of Fårö I started to get hungry after all the stone-seeing. So I headed to the very popular restaurant called Kutens bensin & Crêperie Tati. Bensin is gas in Swedish.

Kutens bensin & Crêperie Tati (7)

This is an old gas station that has been rebuilt to a restaurant. The restaurant is decorated both inside and outside with old cars and in vintage 50’s rock’n’roll style. There’s so many things to look at everywhere. The most popular things on the menu are of course the crepes. And I understand why, the crepes I took was very good indeed!

Fårö fyr (8)

I had decided to see the top things on Fårö so after lunch I headed to Fårö fyr on the most eastern part of Fårö. I walked along the beach for a while and after a while reached the southern parts of Norsta Auren. Norsta Auren is a long beautiful beach where you can spend your day almost all alone. It was REALLY windy here though so I left. I wouldn’t enjoy hanging out there with that wind, hehe.

Sudersand beach (9)

Instead I headed to Sudersand beach. This is a popular beach for tourists. Just by the beach there’s a campsite and a big parking lot. The beach is beatiful but there’s a lot of people. I didn’t mind though. I thought it was pretty nice with the beach café and the music that was playing.

So, that was my day on Fårö. After I had spent a couple of hours on the beach I actually headed back to Gamla Hamn to take some sunset photos, but the photos didn’t turn out so good. After that I went back to the hostel and had a good night’s sleep.

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Bläse (10)

The next day I was a bit tired. I often get tired a few days in to a trip because of all the new impressions and hectic schedule. So instead of driving around all day and see as much as possible I only took a few detours on the way to the water hole I was gonna visit. And so the first stop was Bläse. This is another old limestone quarry. Nowadays this is a cool museum and with a restaurant. I was here too early so it was closed though…

Stenkusten (11)

The road from Bläse to Blå Lagunen (The blue lagoon) where I was going is called Stenkusten, or the rock/stone coast. Another beautiful road to drive on this magical island! I drove and stopped for what felt like once every minute. I wanted to take photos of it all!

Blå lagunen (12)

Blå lagunen, or the Blue lagoon, is a very popular place to take a swim. There’s a parking lot, but it’s so popular that it isn’t big enough. So you have to be here really early to have a chance to get a spot. The water is all clear and very nice for a swim. It can be hard to find a place close to the water though because it’s people everywhere. I managed to get a good spot where I could have my feet in the water and sit and read my book.

Smöjen (13)

I really drove around a lot on my trip. I wanted to see as many places as I could. So after the visit to the Blue Lagoon I drove and had lunch and then on to the next beach. Smöjen isn’t really in the area of Blue lagoon, but I wanted to try it.

Here on Smöjen you can either choose to swim in the ocean from the white beach or the quarry. I chose the ocean. But there were quite a few jellyfish when I was here. Not the dangerous kind though.

Lergravsporten (14)

On the way back from Smöjen I passed Lergravsporten. I wasn’t aware there was a rauk area here but I stopped and took a walk… There really are rauk areas everywhere! Plenty of good spots for a small break in other words.

Furilden (15)

On the way back to the hotel I took another small detour to another popular place on the island. I drove to a place called Furilden. I suggest you google the place if you want to know more… I didn’t get the hype of this place at all.

When I’m writing these posts and going through all of my photos I’m almost chocked at all the things I managed to fit in everyday. No wonder I got so tired, haha. I remember I even took a run this evening after I got back to the hotel as well.

Hallshuk (17)

The next day I was driving to Visby! From where I was staying the fastest way was about 55 km and would take about 50 minutes. But I took the long way along the northern coast to make some stops along the way. That’s about the double distance.

The first place I went to was Hallshuk. Hallshuk is a very small fishing village that is calm and beautiful. In the area there are some heights you can walk (or drive) to and get a view of both the ocean and the small port.

The rest of the way to Visby I just stopped on a couple of places for a small walk or a lunch break.

Sigsarvestrand (17)

A beautiful place quite near Visby. I remember thinking that if I ever go to Visby for a weekend, then this place would be a good place to go for a small afternoon hike or so. It has some shorter hiking trails and nice views of the ocean.

Irevikens fiskeläge (19)

Elinghems ödekyrka (18)

Every here and there on Gotland there are old church ruins. Elinghem church ruins is one of them. The church was built in the 1200s, but has been in ruins since the 1600s.

Lickershamn (20)

In Lickershamn I stopped for a lunch and a small walk. If you’re not tired of rauks yet then there are some here that you can hike to.

Like I said, on my way to Visby I just stopped at a couple of places to check them out, I didn’t stay long at all. As I mentioned before I was getting a bit tired. But also, I was longing for Visby. The crown jewel of the island, finally I was going there!

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