Hiking Jämtlandstriangeln, day 2

Hiking Jämtlandstriangeln, day 2

You can find the first day of the hike here. Continue reading for the hike to Blåhammaren.

Day 2, Sylarna to Blåhammaren

After a good night’s sleep and breakfast in the kitchen cabin we were ready to hike the longest of the trails, 19 km from Sylarna to Blåhammaren. The sun was shining a little and there wasn’t much rain when we left the station, so we could see the beautiful surroundings of Sylarna mountain station that we missed when we arrived in the pouring rain the night before.

The first path of the trail you had to walk downhill the 3 km from the day before and then the rest of the trail was almost just up hill. It was a very nice trail and the landscape really opened up and you had some beautiful views.

After a while it started to rain again, it was a bit windy and a bit colder than the day before. The clouds were low and grey and made the landscape dramatic. The view would have been better with better weather, but it was beautiful this way too. At some points it was raining way too much for me to use my camera so I unfortunately don’t have pictures of all I wanted, like when we saw Blåhammaren far away.

After the first half of the trail, just as it was raining the most, we got to the emergency cabin (they have one halfway of every trail) and ate our lunch in here. We met with many other friendly hikers and it was really nice to meet up with them and ask how they were doing and so on. I don’t think Sweden has the best reputation when it comes to friendly people, but on a place like this out in the nature people are very friendly, and it was actually really nice to connect with other hikers.

Next part of the hike was quite plain, with beautiful views and the sun starting to break through the clouds. After about 5 km we reached a bigger stream that we had to cross.

After the stream it was 4 km up hill! We were getting pretty tired and took a lot of breaks and filled up with chocolate and nuts.

We walked up, up and up and expected to see the station behind every hill. It felt really long, but finally we saw it! And it felt so great to finally see our goal! It feels a bit better when you can see how far you have left.

Blåhammaren mountain station

When we reached the mountain station we admired the view and put up our tent. It was quite easy and was up in a short time. Every mountain station has a fee of 100 SEK (~10 euro) to use the facilities like the shower, sauna and drying room.

Blåhammaren is famous for its three-course meal, it’s suppose to be really good food. We didn’t try it because you had to book it in advance. And we had booked a three-course meal at the end of the hike at Storulvån. But aside from this they have a small restaurant and a small shop. After we had taken a shower and so on we sat down in the restaurant and ate the goulash stew. It was very very good.

My camera flipped out a little, it was cold outside and when we got inside it got all moist. So I was a bit worried and couldn’t take a real picture of the food. After some hours it returned to normal though. Look at the view from the sauna, so beautiful! Blåhammaren has a very nice location with beautiful views all around.

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