Hiking Jämtlandstriangeln, day 3

Hiking Jämtlandstriangeln, day 3

Blåhammaren to Storulvån

The night was quite cold, even though my sleeping bag was good I am a “cold person” and was freezing during the night. It was about 0 degrees outside so yeah, it got cold.

When we woke up and got out it was such a beautiful morning! The clouds had disappeared and it was so peaceful and quiet. The view from the tent was over some mountains and a lake. Absolutely beautiful. We went inside the mountain station and ate the breakfast buffé they offered (150 SEK, ~15 Euro).

The mountain station has a really beautiful location and the morning was so beautiful so I had to get some photos before we left. Some reindeer decided to join us too and posed perfectly in front of my camera. 🙂

After breakfast we were all set for a new day of hiking! The trail back to Storulvån was only 12 km and down hill and maybe the easiest of the trails. As the sun was shining and the weather was good we were happy and thrilled by the views. After only a short walk we stayed and had our first break and took some photos.

Since the walk was a bit shorter and the weather was so good we took many more breaks than the days before.

It was such a beautiful hike and very hard for me to not take photos all the time.

About halfway we had our lunch by a small river and enjoyed the sun and view.

The last 5 km of the walk to Storulvån was very easy with many trees, but still views over the mountains.

We arrived at Storulvån around 4 o’clock, less than 6 hours after we started. After a shower and putting on some fresh clothes we sat down in the social area and had a well deserved after hike beer and snack. It was a very cozy place on top of the restaurant.

We had decided to eat the three-course meal at 7 pm. When we read about the mountain station it said there was a restaurant here, but we didn’t understand that they only had the three-course meal that you had to book and then only could eat at a booked time. So we were lucky we had booked it before we got there. There were some people who didn’t know that. I think they eventually got some food, but they had to wait for a long time. The meal was good, chanterelle soup, röding and cloudberry (hjortron) pannacotta for dessert.

We had booked beds in a room with 10 others. It was ok, the house was across the river and not that close to the main house. It didn’t have any running water, just a composting toilet nearby. But you could obviously use all the facilities in the main house.

So, that was Jämtlandstriangeln! A very nice walk that fits the advanced hiker as well as beginners and families. Are you thinking about going? Do it! You won’t regret it.

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