My travels 2018

My travels 2018

As I write this I am sitting on a plane going on my first trip of the new year. It’s the 27th of December and I am going to Thailand and Cambodia to spend the two first weeks of 2019 there. I can’t believe it’s already been a year since I wrote the summary of 2017. Now it’s time to wrap up the travel year of 2018.

Costa Rica

In February I did my first trip of the year. It was a two week solo trip in Costa Rica. I had been looking forward to see Costa Rica for a while and ended up planning the two weeks really tight. There were a lot I wanted to see so I didn’t really have a choice. :) But two weeks isn’t that long. I had some problems with domestic flights being cancelled which took up much of my time, so unfortunately it wasn’t a very smooth trip. It was early mornings everyday, either to go on tours or travel to the next place.

But of course the trip was nice too. I got to see a lot of nature and animals, which was my reason to go there in the first place. I really liked La Fortuna and the activities I did there. I think the best part was the natural hot springs. I also visited Monteverde cloudforests, Corcovado national park and Manuel Antonio.

Kraków, Poland

In the beginning of May it was time for a girls trip. We were five friends going to Kraków for a weekend. It was spring but the weather was so warm and we could sit outside and eat and walk around in shorts. We had a really nice time here seeing the beautiful city of Kraków. The city is old and has many memories from the Second World War. We visited the museum Schindler’s factory which was very good. Other than that we mostly just strolled around and once in a while sat down for an ice cream or a drink.

Roadtrip to The High Coast, Sweden

The summer of 2018 in Sweden will go to the history books for its super hot weather. For weeks it was really hot and dry in all of our country and people were mostly enjoying it. Unfortunately many forest fires were active which is such a shame, destroying so much land and nature. It was horrible. I will not get in to the climate debate now though.

Before the worst heat came I did a road trip to see The World Heritage site The High Coast. I had some great days hiking and enjoying the nature. I had brought a tent in which I spent only one night. The other ones I spent in a hostel or in my car. The nature in Skuleskogen was amazing, especially the view. :) It was really nice to see that part of Sweden.

Kayaking in Gryt’s archipelago, Sweden

An activity perfect for the hot weather is kayaking. Just being near water makes the heat more bearable. For a couple of days me and my friend rented some kayaks and paddled in the archipelago. We had some really nice days eating on the cliffs watching the sunset and sleeping in a tree tent. I should do this every year!

New York, the U.S.

Last year I was a bit bummed for spending my birthday at work. So this year when I had the opportunity to travel somewhere over my birthday I had to take it. I said “How about New York?” to a friend of mine and she wasn’t hard to convince. So for about five days we got to see the amazing city of New York. It was great to see the city with our own eyes, after seeing it in so many movies and tv-shows. We had a tight schedule and saw many of the popular tourist spots. We visited Brooklyn, Ground zero, Top of the Rock, Central Park, Times Square, the High Line park and much more. Oh yeah, and the Natural Museum which was great. Excellent birthday trip. Stay tuned for a blog post from New York.

I was planning on taking another trip in the fall but I was away a lot with work so it was pretty nice to stay home. Now let’s see what 2019 brings. I’m already on my way to my first trip, other than this I have no idea what I will do. Maybe this will be the year I finally go to Gotland and Oslo? Who knows…

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  • Ändå kul att läsa detta när man vet hur 2019 varit hittills och typ kommer bli också av det som är kvar :p

    • Haha ja, jag var tvungen att läsa igenom det igen. Varken Oslo eller Gotland :( Men andra delar av Norge. :) Hade vädret varit bättre i juni hade det blivit Gotland med…

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