My travels 2020

My travels 2020

2020, what happend? Last year I was very hopeful for 2020, I had so many plans… I was going to Helsinki and St Petersburg, Bucharest, Normandy, the north pole (!) and five weeks in Australia. Those were the trips I had planned already, there would still be room for even more trips. But, obviously I didn’t go on any of those trips… At first I was pretty sad I couldn’t go anywhere, but after a while my focus changed. Now I am so thankful for all the trips I’ve been able to do so far in my life. I’m especially happy for the solo trips I took the time and courage to do! I remember last fall (2019) when I was sitting and looking at the world map from PinAround (not a collab) on my wall, thinking I am so lucky, I have the whole world at my feet. I can actually go anywhere in the world… Who could have known that the borders would actually shut down just a couple of months later? This sure has been a crazy year.

So this year it’s a bit harder to make a year resume and decide what should go on it… In my “normal” terms I would say that I’ve only done one trip this year and that was within my own country. Although to a place a little different from the rest of Sweden and it was the first time I was there. I haven’t really felt like writing or publising anything on the blog. The last 6 months I haven’t really thought about traveling that much, I’ve had other things to think about.

Kayaking in St Anna archipelago

This isn’t really a trip, more like an over night adventure. I rented a kayak and paddled in the beautiful archipelago in Östergötland, Sweden. It was in the beginning of the summer and it was so peaceful, warm and beautiful. I took it very slow and visited some islands, read a book, took a swim, grilled some hot dogs and spent the night in a tent. It was very nice! I’ve been kayaking before in Gryt’s archipelago and I really like this activity. It’s the perfect mix of being in beautiful nature, near water and beeing active.

One week roadtrip around Gotland

Gotland is the biggest island of Sweden and is a very popular tourist destination. Even though it’s not that hard to get here I’ve never had the time to go. Before the year of 2019 I was hoping to go there, but it didn’t happend. But finally, this year! I took my own car on the ferry there and had a safe distance to other people, all according to our Swedish recommendations.

I drove around the island and spent two nights in a tent and the rest of them at hotels. I ended the roadtrip in Visby, a very beautiful little town I really want to go back to. Really such a picturesque and pretty town.

All and all the trip was very good. It had a great mix of seeing the nature, enjoying the Swedish summer, spending time at the beach, eating good food and a little city life. I had just bought a new camera and it was the first time I travelled with it. I wanted to test it out. It’s a bit smaller than my other one, but could it live up to the image quality? I think it’s very nice that it’s much lighter than my other camera, but I’m not sure if I’m completely satisfied.

Day trips

Of course I like many others spent a lot of time in the nature. Here are some photos from some place I visited…

Tyresta national park

Stegeborg, Östergötland

Söderslätt, Skåne

Kolmården, Östergötland

Viggeby nature reserve, Östergötland

Bergs slussar, Östergötland

So how about 2021? I have no expectations at all. Right now I just hope I can go back home around Easter. Hopefully it’s possible to travel around Sweden to the summer and maybe weekends in Europe in the fall? I am putting the destinations I had planned to visit in 2020 on hold. The first trip when this will be over can be Oslo, Rome or Madrid. We’ll just have to see.

I hope you all are well out there!

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  • Hoppas du kan göra någon resa i höst! Jag är i alla fall glad att påskresan till Skåne blir av :) Längtar verkligen till sommaren när jag ser dina foton!

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