Montagnana, Italy

Montagnana, Italy

The first little trip we took from the castle was to Montagnana. It was only around 30 minutes drive through the beautiful countryside from Villa Bartolomea.

Montagnana is a small village with an old town surrounded by a well preserved medieval city wall and is famous for its delicious prosciutto.


We didn’t spend much time here at all. We walked around for a bit and sat down on the town square and ate som gelato.

On Plaza Maggiore stands the Duomo di Santa Maria Assunta which is a beautiful old church.

We couldn’t leave the city before buying some good prosciutto to take back to the castle. I liked the small store with the hams hanging from the ceiling and the happy staff that let us taste the ham.

I think it’s nice to visit the small villages and see the real life of people when you’re travelling. Even though big cities can have a lot of history and beautiful sights, sometimes it doesn’t feel like the real deal because of all the tourists. So it was nice to visit this small little village that was beautiful and not overrun by tourists. So, if you are in the area, visit Montagnana. I bet it has more to offer then the things we saw in our little time there.

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  • Håller med, tycker också om de små ställena. Ibland minns man dessutom de mer än de större städerna

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