Castle life in Villa Bartolomea, Italy

Castle life in Villa Bartolomea, Italy
This July I spent 16 days in northern Italy. The first week I stayed with some friends and after that I travelled solo for another week.


The first week we spent at a medieval castle in Villa Bartolomea. I was there to celebrate a friend and her mom’s birthdays. They had invited some of their friends and family to celebrate with them. The castle was in a small town in Veneto between Bologna and Verona. The castle was 700 m2 and had many bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms. We rented it through Airbnb and it was much prettier in real life than on the pictures we had seen before. So we were happily surprised when we got there on a saturday night. The garden of the castle was pretty big. It had a small pond, an arbor, lawn, small football field and most important, a pool.

 The castle is located just by a river called Adige. You can either bike or walk for miles along the river.
Like I said there were many rooms in the big castle. Bedrooms with 2-4 beds, small kitchens on every floor and of course many bathrooms. The castle was two stories with a basement. It had a big dining hall in the entry room and a small one next to it. We mostly hung out on the balcony just above the stairs, it just fitted 12 people.

There were a lot of animals in and around the garden, many green birds that flew around the pool area during the day and many green frogs around the pond in the evenings. I didn’t bring a telephoto lens so I don’t have any good pictures of the frogs or the birds, but trust me, the frogs were really cute! The owner of the castle lived just nearby and had a stable with a horse just next to the castle. So the horse would run around outside the pool area and once in a while it even got loose and went inside our garden. It was a big and pretty horse called Pegasus.
The village was quite small and didn’t have many restaurants or other things to do. In the centre we had our dinners at a small, but good pizza place 3 nights. It was called Trattoria L’Artista. The food was good, both the pizza and the pasta. And honestly I think the meals I had here were tastier then the ones I had later on my trip. Just around 5-10 minutes drive from the castle was a big supermarket to buy our hams and cheeses from. On thursday morning there was a market in the middle of town where they sold all different stuff like playing cards and fruits. I didn’t visit it however, I actually chose to go for a run and then jump in the pool instead.

A short walk from our castle was another restaurant called Trattoria Da Battista. It was hidden away between some houses and fields, but it was such a good restaurant, everyone really enjoyed the meals here. We went here 2 times and enjoyed it a lot. Surprised to find such a fine restaurant in this little village. They served ravioli, veal, grilled chicken and more with a little extra touch, the desserts were great as well. One evening we had a birthday dinner and a chef came and cooked a three course meal for us, it was delicious!

We really lived and enjoyed the castle life here, we ate a lot of good food, drank beer and aperol spritz and hung out by the pool. It got really hot at the end of the week so it was a little hard to sleep. There wasn’t any air conditioning…

During the week we did three smaller trips. One day we spent some hours in a nearby small village called Montagnana. We also made day trips to Verona and Venice. We had rented a car and it took around 40 minutes to Verona and 1,5 hour to Venice.
It was a really great way to start my first week of summer vacation. After Villa Bartolomea I went to San Marino!

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