A day in Granada, Spain

A day in Granada, Spain

During my trip to Málaga I did a day trip to Granada. Granada is a beautiful city with a lot of history around 1,5 hour away from Málaga by bus. It’s mostly famous for the Alhambra, a 1000 year old palace located on a hill with a beautiful view over Granada. And also the free tapas you get on every restaurant when you buy a drink.

When I arrived in Granada I had to get on a city bus to get in to the main centre. I got of the bus in the middle of old town. The old town was really beautiful with all its old buildings and small restaurants. The centre also had some nice parks, beautiful architecture and modern stores. It was hard to pick a place to eat but eventually I had a really good tapas lunch just near the cathedral.

It gets really hot in Granada during the summer, so it is really good that they have those sun protectors above the streets.

There are a lot of small shops in the small alleys in old town. They sell all the tourist stuff like scarves etc. They also sell things with mosaic print on it. It is very popular here and there are some really beautiful things.


My tapas plate. The one to the left was complementary because I bought a drink. I had another plate coming after this was taken.

I walked around for a while and got to Plaza de Santa Ana. Here a small river starts and you can walk by it with some shops on the other side for a bit. If you then head north you will go up a hill to the Arabic neighbourhood of Granada, Albaicín. That’s what I did, and on the way you get a beautiful view of the palace and fortress Alhambra.

After a small hike you get to a place called Plaza de San Nicolás. From here you have a beautiful view over Alhambra with the mountains Sierra Nevada in the background and all of town on the other side. From here Granada looks really big! The Alhambra was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1984 and consists of several palaces, a defensive zone and gardens. I never went inside the Alhambra since it all was a last-minute trip and I wasn’t able to get the tickets I wanted. You have to book a ticket in advance if you’re going in the high season. But it is supposed to be very beautiful. I wish I had looked it up before I went.

I thought Albaicín was a beautiful neighbourhood too. There were many houses decorated with beautiful flowers like the ones in the pictures down under.

There are so many other things to see in Granada and this is not at all a full guide to Granada. I wish I had spent some more time here in a not so warm time. I will definitely try to make it back someday and visit the Alhambra and enjoy the city even more.

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