First day in Málaga

First day in Málaga

So, I recently got home from my second solo trip. The trip was to Málaga in southern Spain. I had some time of from work so I decided to go somewhere warm to relax. I only knew I wanted to go somewhere warm, but since I would like to learn more Spanish I decided it should be somewhere in Spain. I chose between Málaga and Alicante. The choice came to be Málaga because I heard there were possibilities for many day trips and especially that you could go to Gibraltar from there, and I thought that sounded interesting. So, Málaga it was!

I had some troubles with booking a place to stay. I initially booked a room through Airbnb, but the host cancelled the booking and was nowhere to be found, very strange. I found another place through Airbnb which was just fine.

I got to Málaga around 5 p.m. on a Wednesday, the weather was still warm as I walked from the train station to my house. When I got to my room I got a warm welcome from the host who explained some things and gave me some tips. I just spent like 30 minutes here, changed into shorts and checked the map before I went out sightseeing.


I lived just next door to a supermarket and to the Mercado Central Atarazanas. Not many minutes from my place was the old town which you can see in the pictures above. My first impression was that is was nothing special, sure there were some nice small streets and old houses, but not unique.

I walked around for a bit and headed down to the harbour and passed by some big ships and restaurants before I reached the beach. It was still warm and such a beautiful weather, people were still at the beach sunbathing, swimming and hanging out. The beach of Málaga is quite long and with a nice boardwalk along the beach that goes on forever.

I walked for a while along the beach and then headed in to town to walk to one of Málaga’s main sights, Castillo de Gibralfaro. You walk many steps up on a hill to the castle that’s up there. You have a great view over the city of Málaga and also the harbour. I unfortunately got to the castle the same minute they had the last entering! So, I never got to go in, but I was pretty happy with the view from outside, and I was a bit hungry anyways…

So I walked down the hill again, and ended up at the Picasso square. The square had a lot of tapas restaurants, exactly what I was looking for, so I sat down at one of the restaurants and enjoyed a good meal with all my favorites in one plate, serrano, cheese and guacamole, yummy!

After dinner I went back to my apartment. I walk through the old square, and now it was a whole different place from when I was there before. So many restaurants had opened up and it was a really cozy atmosphere all over. I really liked it! I remember thinking that I was gonna have major problems picking which restaurant to eat at the following days, haha. Well, I walked through the city which felt pretty safe actually. A lot of people were out enjoying the night, both tourists and locals. Very nice!

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