Bikeride along La Malagueta, second day in Málaga

Bikeride along La Malagueta, second day in Málaga

The first morning in Málaga I went to the Mercado Central Atarazanas. This is a big food market, which happened to be just outside my apartment, where they sell fresh fruit, meat, fish, shellfish and spices. They had all kinds of fresh fruit and it was hard to choose which to buy. I ended up with strawberries and some other fruits I don’t know the name of.

I brought my fruits to the beach and enjoyed them under the palm trees. I watched the sea and the yet not so crowded beach a while from there before I hit the beach for real. I spent some hours in the sun at the beach, just reading, listening to podcasts and just really enjoyed being there. The beach is called La Malagueta and is the beach closest to the city and both tourists and locals hang out there.

Eventually I got restless and hungry. I walked back to the harbour and sat down at one of the cafes. After my late lunch I decided to rent a bike and ride along the beach. The bike was not comfy, but I was determined to bike to Pedregalejo which is like 4 km from where I got the bike. You can walk or bike along the beach quite long and the street is broad and beautiful. Málaga has a lot of active people, there were so many men and women who were out running or biking at all times.

Me and the bike took a slow ride along the beach and watched the beautiful ocean. I got to Pedregalejo which used to be an old fishing village. It had a lot of small restaurants along the beach and it really smelled like fish there. I biked to “the end” and then headed back to Málaga after a few small stops along the way. I sat down and had an ice cream overlooking the beach before I returned my bike. All and all the bike ride was about 15 km.

When I got home I went straight to the bus station to buy tickets for my day trip the day after. It wasn’t that hard to find but it took about 15-20 minutes to walk there. And after my long day exploring Málaga and enjoying the beach I went out and had some dinner in the old town. I walked around for a while trying to decide where to eat. I ended up having some pasta instead of tapas, it wasn’t a good choice, I should have picked a tapas place, I never get tired of that! :)

I would recommend Málaga for a weekend trip, it has a lot of nice restaurants, a good beach, shopping and good possibilities for day trips.

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