A day in Gibraltar

A day in Gibraltar

My first day trip from Málaga was to Gibraltar. Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory with 30 000 inhabitants.

As I said in the previous post Gibraltar was one of the main reasons I actually went to Málaga. It took 3 hours with the bus to La Línea de la Concepción which is the Spanish city right next to Gibraltar. From La Línea bus station it is a 5-10 minutes walk before reaching the customs. Entering Gibraltar requires your passport, although they didn’t check it very well… Just after the customs you pass the Gibraltar airfield which was pretty cool. You actually have to walk right over it to get to the city.

From the customs you have to walk pretty far to the central parts and through it before you get to the cable cars that take you up the Rock. It took me about an hour to walk from the bus station to the cable cars and you pass the Grand Casemates square and the Main Street on the way. The Main Street is where are all the shopping is, there are a lot of stores that sell liquors, perfumes, sunglasses and electronics. There are some british pubs as well.

The cable car takes you up to the viewpoint on the rock. You can either buy a one way ticket or also a return. I think it’s best to buy a one way ticket and then walk your way down. When I got there it was very cloudy and the visibility wasn’t that great. You’re suppose to have really nice views from there and you can see all the way to Africa, but not this day. On the top of the rock is a small café where you can buy some food and drinks.

The Rock with the airfield and La Línea de la Concepción in the background. The cloud base is just above the Rock. When I first got there I couldn’t see the top of the rock because of clouds. The clouds were moving up along the mountain wall, didn’t get a good picture of it but it was pretty cool.

And yes there are monkeys, make sure to keep your food in your bag or they’re gonna grab it from you.

When I was done with the view I had a lunch and walked down the Rock. I walked the nature walk which was just a very small trail between some trees! I saw a snake there which made me regret picking that trail. When I got out of the bushes I reached the Moorish Castle and another viewpoint where you have a good view over the airfield.

The Rock of Gibraltar wasn’t really what I expected, it wasn’t well-kept at all. There was a lot of garbage unfortunately. Not only food wrappers and so on, I even saw an old refrigerator on top which made me disappointed and not impressed at all. I mean I get if it’s a little dirty, especially with all the monkeys there, but I’ve seen cleaner spots where monkeys live…

The view from the Rock was fine, I didn’t have the best of luck with the weather, on a clear day I think the view is even better.

It is nice to have seen Gibraltar and I would say it is worth a visit because of its interesting history and strategically important position. I only spent a short day here and didn’t see everything of course. Inside the Rock are tunnels used during the Second World War and other sights. I regret a little I didn’t visit them, but I wasn’t really up for it when I was there. You can also go on whale and dolphin tours from Gibraltar which I would have done if I had been there for a longer time.

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