Menaggio, Lake Como

Menaggio, Lake Como
Lake Como is a popular tourist destination in northern Italy. Menaggio lies on the western branch of the lake and is a bit less known than the lake towns Bellagio and Varenna. I visited Lake Como for 5 days in the middle of July and stayed in Menaggio. I thought Menaggio was a perfect base during our trip exploring the lake. Enjoy some photos from my visit to the town!

The town

Menaggio doesn’t have any bigger sights or things to do but really nice to visit anyway and great to stay at too. The main thing you do here is stroll around the town and the sea-side promenade. Like many of the other towns around Lake Como it has a small old part of town with an old church. This is also where you’ll find the restaurants and wine bars. The core center is very small though, but still with enough restaurants so you don’t have to visit the same one every night on a week-long trip.

It’s not only the old town that is worth a visit though. Even though Menaggio doesn’t have any bigger sights the area outside the main square is nice to visit as well. The town continues up the hill with colorful old houses and every now and then you get a glimpse of the lake.

Sea-side promenade

Another part of Menaggio that is really nice is its promenade along the water. From here you of course have a spectacular view over the lake. We walked here every night and couldn’t get enough of the view and atmosphere. It was really great.
The promenade is especially beautiful in the evening when the sun sets. The best views in the best light you get from here, sitting and relaxing your feet staring out over the lake as the last rays of sunlight reaches Varenna and Bellagio on the other side of the water.

Swimming in Menaggio

If you continue along the promenade further north there’s a beach club called Lido Menaggio. You have to pay an entrance fee to enter, but here you can enjoy a swim in the pool or the lake and relax on a sunbed. Pretty nice if it gets too hot and your hotel don’t have a pool.

If you want a day for bathing and relaxing you can choose to visit the beach club and pay for a day there, or you can visit the free small public beach only a short walk from there. It’s not big at all though, but with a very nice view of course.

I really liked that we stayed in Menaggio on our trip. It wasn’t that touristy but there still was plenty of people out eating and drinking wine in the evenings. It’s very easy to do day trips from here too. You can either take the ferry from here to Varenna, Bellagio or any other town by the lake. It’s only just above one hour bus rise to Como from here too. We used to start our days exploring another town and then getting back to Menaggio and the hotel relaxing by the pool. It was just great.

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