Hiking Corniglia – Vernazza

Hiking Corniglia – Vernazza

You are supposed to be able to hike between all the towns of Cinque Terre. But unfortunately the two trails in the east are closed right now due to some land slides and it takes some time to restore them. So on my trip, there was only one more hike for me to do, and that was from Corniglia to Vernazza. I chose to hike it this way because I read that it would be more downhill than uphill if you started in Corniglia. It is about the same length as the one I walked the day before, 3,2 km.

Corniglia lies on a hill and is the smallest of the towns and does not have a harbour. From the train station you can either walk to the town or take the shuttle bus there. I chose the bus. I walked around for a bit in the town and took some photos from it. I also bought some good breakfast in a store that I brought with me on the hike.

View to the southeast over the sea and Manarola.

Along the whole trail you have a beautiful view back over Corniglia, beautifully located on a hill. You can also see Manarola behind it.

When you reach Vernazza you get a view over the Belforte tower and the rest of the town.

Done with another great walk!

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