Five hours in Venice

Five hours in Venice
There is something special about Venice. I had heard both good and not so good things about it before I went there. The not so good being that there are too many tourists. Because of that my expectations weren’t that high, but I didn’t want to miss a chance to go there because of that.


We drove from Villa Bartolomea on a friday morning and we would only have a few hours to spend there. But that’s better than nothing. After some issues with finding the right way we finally got there. We parked just at the beginning of the city and it costed 15 euros for 6 hours. From there it was a 10 minute walk to the train station. At the train station you can also catch the taxi boat which takes you through the city on the grand canal. We did that and it was 7,5 euro for a single ticket.
The boats are packed with tourists but if you get a spot by the sides you get great views. The boat takes you on the grand canal which is the big canal that lingers threw Venice. It has stops along the way and you can get of where you want to, just like a bus. We went all the way to Piazza San Marco which is the main centre where you get the classic view over the church on San Giorgio Maggiore island.

 This is Piazza San Marco and Basicilia San Marco.
Yes, there are a lot of tourists in Venice, in the main centre it’s really crowded in the middle of the day. But there are so many small squares and canals in the city that you definitely will find a small place to have to yourself.

 It was a good day in Venice and I would really like to go back and enjoy it a little more and visit the churches and so on. I also would have wanted to go inside the bell tower and get a view over the city. Maybe next time.

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