Piazza Duomo, Florence

Piazza Duomo, Florence

After 2 nights in San Marino my trip continued to Florence. Here I stayed at an Airbnb just next to Maria Novella train station. I thought the location was good, I always like to be near the train station and the centre at the same time. On my street were some good restaurants and only a short walk to Piazza Duomo which is the main attraction spot in Florence with the famous Duomo.

The entire time I was in Italy it was really hot and I don’t like when it gets too hot. When I was in Florence though it was a bit windy which made it more bearable. I heard from my host that it wasn’t usual for wind in Florence because of the mountains surrounding the city.

There are so much things to do in Florence, many museums, churches and other sights. I bought the OPA ticket for 15 euro which includes entrance to all 5 monuments in Piazza Duomo, the cupola, the bell tower, the baptistery, crypt below cathedral and Opera del Duomo Museum.


The Cupola

The Cupola is the top of the cathedral, it is a very popular sight and you have to book a time 1-3 days in advance. They only let a limited amount of people up every 30 minutes and you have to climb 463 steps to the top.

These pictures are from my visit to the top with a view over the rest of the cathedral, bell tower and sorrounding mountains and other buildings. Totally worth the climb!

Opera del Duomo Museum

In this museum there are many statues and sculptures that before were in the Duomo and Baptistery. The museum has 3 floors, 25 rooms and apparently houses more than 750 works of art.

The Baptistery

Located just in front of the cathedral is the baptistery. It’s one of the oldest building in Florence and was finished in 1128.

The Bell Tower

View from the Bell Tower.

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