Hiking to Vöringsfossen, Norway

Hiking to Vöringsfossen, Norway

A view of Vöringsfossen

Vöringsfossen is a very beautiful waterfall in Eidfjord in southwestern Norway. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Norway and I can really understand why. It was discovered in 1821 and has been popular ever since. The total fall of Vöringsfossen is 182 meters and the water plunges 145 metres down to Måbödalen.

In July 2019 me and a friend did a road trip in southwestern Norway. Vöringsfossen was our first real sight and activity we did on the trip and it was so good! After driving for more than a day we had our eyes on our first stop, the short hike to Vöringsfossen. As we were heading there we suddenly saw a sign (one of the brown historic sight signs) for the waterfall and we took a detour there. It happened to be the lookout point to get a view over the waterfall and the valley. I think the viewpoint have been there for a while, but the area looked new with a restaurant and a plateau for the view.

There were plenty of people here, but pretty cool to see the waterfall from above.

Hiking to the waterfall

The view from here was just beautiful and after seeing the waterfall from above we were even more determined that we had to do the hike down in the valley as well. So we continued driving down the winding roads and almost missed the starting point. Just before a long tunnel there’s a small place for cars just by the road. Not many spots at all for parking. But we managed to get a spot, and from here the hike is 1.7 km one way. And no, that’s not a long way, but it’s not really a walking trail, it’s actually mostly big rocks that you have to climb. The way felt really long, but it was really nice to use our legs after all of that time in the car.

It was late in the afternoon, but in the middle of summer, and Norway had one of its hottest days so far. Me and my friend always manage to meet during the hottest days of the summer (like when we went canoeing in Ronneby river and kayaking in Gryts archipelago). I guess this contributed to the hike feeling a bit hard, haha. After a while though we started to see the fall, and of course hear it as well. And we also saw saw that we were lucky enough to be here at the same time as a double rainbow.

We continued further and closer to the waterfall, and now we could feel the waterfall as well. Even though the waterfall splashed its water on us it was nice to sit here for a while just enjoying the view and taking it all in. We were both amazed by the beauty of it. Pretty hard to get on photo how majestic it felt though…

It might not seem like much on the photos and the short hike it is, but it was a powerful experience. It’s still one of the highlights of this summer. I can’t recommend it enough! I am glad I took my hiking boots though because of the rock ground. There were some kids hiking with their parents, but I don’t say it’s a good hike for small children. I was amazed by some of them we met who just jumped around on the rocks though.

Thank you Norway and Vöringsfossen!

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