Bondhusvatnet, Norway

Bondhusvatnet, Norway

Bondhusvatnet is a beautiful glacier lake located at 190 m AMSL and gets its water from the melting ice from Bondhusbrea glacier. It is a part of Folgefonna national park and is located in the vicinity of the Hardangerfjord. I visited Bondhusvatnet on a roadtrip in southern Norway during summer 2019 and liked it very much.

On the third day of the roadtrip we got to Bondhusvatnet. Two days before this place we did a hike to Vöringsfossen, and compared to that (which was short but hard), the trail leading to Bondhusvatnet was a piece of cake. The trail is about 2.5 km from the parking lot and you can do it in flip flops if you want to. Even though it’s an easy walk it’s still really beautiful. You pass by a river and have the mountains all around you.

Even though we went to Bondhusvatnet in the morning there were still plenty of people there before us. It’s a popular place to visit, I guess because of its easy access and beautiful lake. The color of the lake is just stunning and the view is really nice. There are tables and benches to have a snack or lunch by and just enjoy the scenery. I think this is as far many people go, and of course, this is as far you get can with a stroller or a wheelchair. But the trail actually continues along the lake for another kilometer. The trail here takes a little more effort since there are some rocks and so on the ground. You walk between trees but close to the lake and you can still see all its beauty. I wouldn’t recommend flip-flops though, but walking sandals work fine. From here you see the Bondhusbreen, which is the small tongue of ice spilling down from the big Folgefonna glacier. This feeds the lake with ice cold water.

The waterfall Pyttelva marks the other side of the lake. From here you have another beautiful view over the lake, and the only thing you can hear is the sound of the waterfall.

Can you believe it? The water was really this green and clear.

The waterfall is powerful and quite wide. At first we didn’t think it was possible to get over it, but the trail actually continues on the other side of it. At first there isn’t a bridge so get ready to wet your feet and step over the river. The water is freeeezing and your feet get numb, but it didn’t last long, since today was another hot day. Other parts of the river has bridges though!

The rest of the trail continues in the forest and you can see the turqoise water all the way. At one point you get to a ”crossroad” of a sort, we choose the road down but should have taken the upper path. We ended up in what felt like the rain forest… But, we still made it to Brussfossholmen, the small beach on the picture below.

And this place was just breathtaking. It was so silent and calm, and the water and view amazing. The trail here was absolutely worth it, well it wasn’t that hard, but still. This was a nice spot to spend some time having lunch and even taking a dip. By own experiences I can tell you the water does its job with cooling you after the hike.

I would say this was my best moment of the trip! Hiking, swimming and then eating in silence with this view, just the perfect day. Norway continues to amaze me.

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