Postcards from Ko Kut (Koh Kood), Thailand

Postcards from Ko Kut (Koh Kood), Thailand

Ko Kut, or Koh Kood as it is called too, is a paradise island in eastern Thailand, south of the bigger island Koh Chang. I was here for a couple of days in January 2019 and had some really nice days. Unfortunately I missed almost a whole day here because it was impossible to go from Siem Reap to Ko Kut in one day with public transportations. One of the downs of travelling solo I guess, too expensive to rent a private car when you’re all alone. But, to get to Ko Kut there are speedboats and ferrys from the neighbour island Koh Chang and from the mainland town Trat.

When I was on Ko Kut I just stayed on Bang Bao beach the whole time. I had a really nice hut just by the beach where I hung out. I sat outside reading, took a dip in the ocean, ate food  and of course took a lot of photos. If I’d had more time and weren’t exhausted from Cambodia maybe I would have explored more, but in the end it was just too great to just stay here and do nothing.

When I was here, it felt like I was right in the middle of a dream. You know when you’re home in the grey and cold weather and everyday life and dream of a paradise island. That’s where I was. I couldn’t stop staring at the beautiful water and the beach and take in that I was really there.

Have a look for yourself. Do you think you would’ve liked it here?

Bang Bao bay is a very small bay (see on the map below) with some hotels along the beach. The northern parts of the beach has some hotels while Siam Beach Resort has bungalows along the south part, the main beach. The hotel offers huts in different standards. The ones closer to the reception and restaurant are made out of cement and looks really nice. There are some deluxe bungalows with tiled floor and air condition. The further south you go, the bungalows have simpler standards and are made out of wood, but the location is more secluded and the huts are just by the beach.

And this was my beach hut! It was just a few meters from the water and had everything I needed. There wasn’t an AC, but a fan and a mosquito net. I enjoyed staying here a lot.

I arrived to Koh Kut just after a storm. So the first day I was here there were so much plastic and junk in the water. But the staff, and of course many guests, were working hard to clean it up. I’ve seen some recent photos from Koh Kut and it has unfortunately been struck by other storms, for example the bridge on the water has been destroyed. I’m sure they are rebuilding it though.

It was not so easy to go from my hotel to the other hotels in the bay. In the middle of the day the tide is high and there isn’t a trail along the beach to go there. You have to go down in the water and step over rocks. The other hotels looked more luxurious with sunbeds and so on, but they didn’t really have a beach. But, they had restaurants with good food!

The main road is about 1 km from the beach. The road there is dark and surrounded by jungle. By the main road there are some restaurants and small shops, but no sidewalks to walk on. So you have to be very careful because there is always much traffic. I always bring a headlight with me, both so I can see where I’m stepping and so that cars can see me.

Siam Beach Resort in Bang Bao bay on Ko Kut is somewhere you go when you just want to relax. This is the perfect place to rewind and just be. It’s not a good place for anyone who wants a lot of activity or travel for food experiences. But I think it would do good for most people to stay here, just for a couple of days…

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