Puerto Jiménez, Costa Rica

Puerto Jiménez, Costa Rica
Puerto Jiménez is a very small town in the Osa Peninsula, and most of the people visiting do it for tours to Corcovado national park. That’s why I decided to go there too. Initially I tried to book a tour that started in Puerto Jiménez, went to Corcovado for two nights and then ended in Drake Bay. I had looked at plenty of companies from home and sent my request to several of them, but it’s really hard to find a tour from home when you’re travelling solo. You can book private tours for a group of people, but I couldn’t find group tours that I could join. So, when I got to Puerto Jiménez I had no tours booked, only one night planned and the following three days unplanned.

The trip to Puerto Jiménez was very good and I arrived at the hotel in the forenoon. After an hour waiting at the hotel (where I had to change to lighter clothes in a laundry room) I finally got a room. I was supposed to get a room just by the reception without a window, but got upgraded to a room with a terrace and a view. It was quite nice to sit there on the terrace and watch the sea.

The hotel lies just by the sea and there are bikes and kayaks for rent. The kayaks can only be used when it’s high tides though. The hotel also has a small pool, but big enough for taking a dip when it gets too hot.

The hotel lies a short walk from the main street in the town. The town is really small, with some restaurants, stores and cafés.
The area down by the water is much nicer than the main street in town. There are some restaurants where you can enjoy your dinner overlooking the sea.
When I had checked in to my room I was really hungry and on a hunt for some good food. I had a delicious lunch at one of the places here. And finally I felt like the vacation had started.
A little further down is the beach. I was there when it was low tide and the water was really hot actually. There were some people hanging out by the beach, but not that many. The beach was nice, but it wasn’t that long and the sand was grey. Some people were getting some shade from the trees and suddenly a big coconut fell down right next to a guy. He was Costa Rican and didn’t seem to care that much. But I don’t think it would be good to get a coconut on your head…
I heard a screeching noise and looked up in the trees. There I saw several macaws screaming at each other. Very funny to see these beautiful birds in their natural habitat. Hard to get good photos of them though.
After I checked out the town and beach I spent some time by the pool at the hotel and tried to figure out my move for the following days. I think one day in Puerto Jimenez is more that enough. It was a good place to arrive in and I imagine starting your Corcovado tours. If I had known about the tours earlier on though I wouldn’t have gone there. I am quite happy I went with a hotel with a pool and nice surrounding though. I wouldn’t have wanted to stay in the town.

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