Skiáthos town on a charter trip in 2021

Skiáthos town on a charter trip in 2021

My first trip abroad after/during the pandemic was to Greece. I had been dreaming of my first trip and when the world would open again. I waited until the summer of 2021 before I thought it was safe enough for me to travel. By then I had gotten one jab of the vaccine and other circumstances made me feel safe to go. I decided I wanted to visit a Greek island for a relaxing vacation, and the choice of island came down to Skiáthos. Skiáthos had been on my radar ever since the Mamma Mia! movie came out so it wasn’t a hard decision. I also decided to take a charter trip and there were good trips to the island.

It was a long time ago I took a trip just to relax. Mostly I travel to explore places and see as much as I can when I’m away. But this time I felt like I needed to get away and relax.

Hotel Palmyra Studios

I booked everything with Apollo and stayed in Megali Ammos at a hotel called Palmyra studios. It was close to the beach and situated very close to Skiáthos town. I thought the hotel was good, it had what I needed for my stay. A big balcony, a nice view, a pool and a big room. It was an apartment hotel so I had to buy my own breakfast. The only thing I can complain about is the extra fee for the air condition…

Skiáthos town

The main town of Skiáthos is Skiáthos town. I would say it’s a classic Greek town with the white and blue buildings with cats running around. In the old town there are many cute alleys and streets where you can wander and get lost. I really love that there are flowers everywhere too. Most of the photos are from the middle of the day or early evening. If you step away from the main street you find these streets with almost no people.


If you walk along the coast from Megali Ammos to Skiáthos town you will reach a small cemetary. From that area you have a view over the bay of Megali Ammos.

Skiáthos rocks

And if you continue even further you’ll reach Skiáthos rocks. I must say the way here was really beautiful, the buildings were pretty and you had a view of the ocean parts of the way.

Skiáthos rocks is a popular swimming spot close to the old town. If you want to swim here then bring shoes, I saw many sea urchins here. It’s a beautiful place and from here you have beautiful views of the town as well. I thought it was a nice spot to relax a bit.

The old port

Continuing from Skiáthos rocks you get to the old port and a very nice restaurant area. There were several restaurants with a great view of the port. And also down by the port there are some restaurants. I tried a couple of those and I didn’t really enjoy the food. The location is nice, but if you want really good food I recommend going in to the old town. Lo La on the top of the “restaurant hill” had good food though. :)

The old port is where you want to go if you want to go on a daytrip by boat. Here are several companies that offers trips around the island. There are many different kinds of day trips and lot of things to see in the area, so it’s kinda hard to choose which one to go on…

Down by the port there’s another small peninsula you can visit. You can sit here and enjoy the view of the ocean or the different views of Skiáthos town. There’s also a very cosy restaurant at the end where it looks really nice to grab a lunch.

Papadiamanti street

Straight through the old town there’s a street that’s the main street. Along this street there are some restaurants and cafés, but also many small shops. The shops are the classic tourist shops where you can buy beach dresses and souvernirs. But there are also shops for shoes and leather accessories. This was the street where all the tourists were in the evening, so sometimes it could get a bit crowded. I had some very delicious crepes on this street, yummy.

There are many cross streets from the main street. If you go there you find restaurants with cosy outdoor seatings.

The view from the church of Agios Nikolaos

In the town there’s a platform from where you get a great view over town. It’s just next to the church of Agios Nikolaos. The view is really great and you can see that Skiáthos town isn’t that small after all. I was up here several times during my week. I wanted to see the view both during day and night. This was also one of the film locations for the Mamma Mia! movie. In the movie there’s a mailbox up here where Sophie mails her letters.

The views in the evening when the sun sets and the lights turn on in the town was pretty good too.

Can you quess where the main street is?

The boardwalk

The sights and beautiful areas of Skiáthos town just continues. If you continue past the harbour you reach another area where there are many seaside restaurants. This is a beautiful area with many places that have seafood on the menu.

And if you continue even further, beyond what I call the boardwalk you will actually reach the airport! You can stand just by the final approach to the airport and watch the planes come in. The planes can be seen from almost everywhere around the town…

Skiáthos and Skiáthos town is a very beautiful and nice destination. You have beautiful beaches (that I will tell you more about in the next post) and also good nightlife and food. I can understand those who return to this place year after year.

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