Hi everyone and welcome to my travel blog!

My name is Emilie Knutsson and I come from southern Sweden. My nickname has been Knutte for many years and that’s what my friends call me, therefore the name Travels by Knutte. I have lived in Sweden all my life but have always liked to travel.

I always travel with my camera and try to get beautiful photos that reflects the places I visit.

I travel with friends and I travel solo. It’s when I travel solo I really have time to take a lot of photos of the places I visit. Even though my friends have learnt how it is to travel with me, travelling solo is easy because I can decide where I want to go and spend as much time as I want taking photos of a certain thing. Most of my trips has been with friends though, and I just recently started to travel solo. Right now the travelling bug has really kicked in and I travel now more than ever.

I have a lot of pictures from different places around the world, so I will start sharing them with you here. My posts will be picture-heavy, I hope you like it!

If you want to come in contact with me, email me on travelsbyknutte@gmail.com

On this map I’ve marked out the countries I’ve been to, from some of them I have posted my photos too. Enjoy!



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